Child Therapy

Children can exhibit emotional outbursts, act out, or show more anger than expected.  Defiance and non-compliance may accompany family issues.  Dr. Aguirre provides services for child therapy, learning disabilities, educational challenges, emotional challenges, behavioral strategies, and parenting, among other challenges.  She works not only with parents and children but also with schools if therapy has been recommended by the school.

In addition to her clinical expertise, Dr. Aguirre’s educational qualifications include a master’s degree in special education as well having earned California teaching credentials for elementary and special education.

If you would like a consultation or more information about Dr. Aguirre’s work on the following issues, please call (562) 277-1337 or email

Emotional Challenges

  • Depression and Fears
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Separation and Anxiety Disorders

(Cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation techniques are also available.)

Family Issues

  • Behavior Management at Home
  • Divorce, Separation, or Loss
  • Sibling and Parent Relationships

School Adjustment

  • Cooperative Play Skills
  • Making Friends
  • Academic and Homework strategies

Special Needs Children

  • ADHD Diagnosis Help
  • 504 and IEP Information
  • Testing for Cognitive Ability and Learning Disorders
  • Social Skills for Interactions