An individual, tailored approach is necessary when an LGBTQ couple or client enters therapy.  The therapist must assess what part of the therapy process sexual identity will play in order to treat LBGTQ clients adequately.  Many factors intersect with sexual identity and must be considered.  There are gender, class, race or ethnicity factors, religion, and family and community factors.  Personal difficulties with addiction, in addition to personality or communication issues need to be identified.  The subject of dual diagnosis needs to be addressed; that is depression, anxiety, or another diagnosis that is present.  Treatment issues may include self-identification, coming out, gender, culture, disability, victimization, and internalized homophobia and biphobia.  LGBTQ couples and individuals deal with the same issues as everybody, as well as some very special ones.  Self acceptance is key, as well as learning to accept others, finding emotional blind spots and healing relationships.  The focus is on improving communication, being heard, connecting with emotional reactions and feelings and learning to express wants and needs.  Deeper work in depth psychology is available.

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