Women’s Issues

Women seek therapy today for a variety of reasons.  Many times they are in transition from any number of current life situations.  Divorce, life situations, lifestyle change, job loss, relationship issues, aging, or a desire for personal growth or understanding may spur women to seek psychotherapy.  Depression or anxiety may accompany this period and feelings of being overwhelmed may surface including panic attacks.  A desire to be heard and understood is frequently expressed by women.

Dr. Aguirre’s research and study has focused on giving importance to the unique manifest experiences of women.  Dream work, women’s writings and poetry, women’s art, personal experience, sandtray and symbols with other imaginative experiences are explored to allow women a common language for dialogue and an examination of women’s patterns.  Jungian archetypal work, current feminine archetypal writers, and personal experiences are utilized to help women develop a sense of power and authenticity.  If you would like more information of Dr. Aguirre’s work with women, feel free to contact us.

If you have questions, or if you are interested in scheduling a session, call (562) 277-1337 or email appointments@DrNan.com.